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Home Products 40mm m781 40mm M781 A practice round—used in grenade launchers such as the M79, M203 and M320 — with a powder-dye filled projectile that marks the point of impact during training. Known commercially as 40mm “Caulk Rounds” due to the orange caulk or Cheeto Rounds due to the orange color. email [email protected] for inquiries.

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  • The 40LMTS will fire standard 40mm []. M781 is a fixed, practice-type ammunition designed for firing from 40MM grenade launchers M79 and M203 The GLM 40 mm add-on grenade launcher (LV) has the same function, characteristics and handling as the AG36 Penn Arms patented designs are small, lightweight, and operationally versatile Contact China. the m203/ak5 can deliver a varied payload of 40mm ammo, such as the m406 high explosive, m433 he armor piercing, m576 buckshot, m407 practice, m781 practice, smoke, parachute flare, tear gas, beehive/hornets nest and specialized 40mm "less than lethal" ammo.

    40mm m781

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    Mast M781 40mm Practice/Chalk Rounds SKU: 21565 $399.00 (No reviews yet) Write a Review Add to Wish List Description 2013 Production, 100 Round Crate, Orange Chalk Mast 2013-Production Crate of 100 rounds Blue-tip, orange chalk Clyde Armory is not responsible for rounds broken during shipping.. This item: 1PCS 1.5Inch / 40mm Diameter Round Wooden Bristles.